Pictorial Sonatas 
 Writings 2

The Light Within

My soul's journey is to teach;
just as mine is being taught by the light
 of the one who lives within my heart.

I have a bundle of  Love Letters kept from years gone by, now wrapped all together with a ribbon that once belonged to my great-grandmother. I still cherish the words and feelings found within each, remembering how I once held the hand that wrote it.

Some items in life, will never hold any value for others; while something so simple as a hand written letter, can become priceless, to the person who receives it. Never think that the price of a stamp can surpass the value, of sharing what's in your heart.
                                                   Words Of Wisdom 

* Trust is built over time through consistency in behavior.
* When it comes to matters of the heart, I will choose a clear path,
   not one that has to be cleared.
* I can not commit to voting for a left or right winged group,
   as there are no angels in politics.