Pictorial Sonatas 
 Writings 1


  I stand outside, alone in silence; watching, waiting and listening within... reveling in amusement and utter delight, snow now blanketing the earth.  
  A new appreciation of the color white, brings comfort and warmth to my soul; as does the internal fire that resides within the heart and hearth of my Love.
  Diamonds have become worthless to me, as none compare to those I now find glistening across the land, at the first light rays of dawn.
  My eyes and prayers rise up to the sky, thankful for this miracle of nature flying by.
  I find myself searching for that special one.... that one in a million, no two are alike; just to watch it fall down, then turn left, float back up and fall again, making its rounds.
  It seems to caress this cold air that I breath... this air that now gives me renewed life.
  Does this small prism of light, notice the individuality in me, that I see in it... and can it notice the qualities that I possess, just to notice it?
  They say the rocks will someday give up their testimony... so I wonder... will this small bundle of joy do the same... watching me, watching it?
  Would it care, if it melted on my tongue or landed on my eyelash? Just think... to miss me, it might become part of a foot, or two, or three... so I step aside.
  Softness, it lies all around me now... with each step I fall further in, further in...  the joy of falling has now become my souls delight, for I care not if I turn to white!
  I reach for an Aspen, in case I disappear... wondering if I could. How does a Blue Jay land, without falling in... is there a secret to be understood?  
I look up in the distance, far beyond legs that have now disappeared, to a place that only God's mathematics could have engineered.
  Trees with eyes, frame giant castle walls... they tower far above the valley floor. What a breathtaking sight... I never imagined... my favorite colors, now grey and white!
  I pause... frozen in time...
  I dream of the day when we'll hike up to the highlands... bearing gifts in hopes of making new friends with the villagers who live there; to behold their majestic horns, feathered wings and soft white tails, as they stop by the path to greet us, with their songs of welcome.
  If we stay, can we learn natures language, if we truly learn to listen? Would you care to, as I do...?
  My spirit is now filled with music, found only in high places... my soul longs to be united with its Creator, its friend and its Love.
  I once thought that castles were only for kings; but now I believe that these are a gift from God Himself, meant for a humble servant and his lass.
  For in this journey, He gave my heart the courage to dream the most beautiful dream... where Faith and Love were found in the heart of a man, because I believed in things unseen.
  I'm still standing here, outside, alone in silence; watching, waiting & listening within... where to my surprise & much to my delight, all my greys have now turned to white.

Copyright 2008