Pictorial Sonatas 


Thank you for visiting my website. I'm honored to be able to share with each of you, the beauty that I find in the world around us. I believe that Love, nature, writing and music are the greatest gifts we can share. Please check back frequently, as new photographs will be added.    

I've enjoyed the art of photography for over thirty years, aspiring for creativity when taking pictures of people, sports, pets, architecture and commercial products. I'm particularly drawn to nature, as you will see.

My goal with portraits, is to always make others feel at ease, so that I might capture the essence of their true spirit within. I always say... I don't photograph fake smiles. I work hard to get even the most stubborn, to give me a genuine smile and I believe that's what makes my portrait photography different than that of other photographers.

My goal in photographing children, is in the hope that someday they will look back at their portrait and say "this is my favorite picture of me, as a child".  May we never loose the child within us.

I take the time to discuss with each client, what you might want to wear for various settings and backgrounds, so that your portraits will be aesthetically compatible with the decor of your home and office.
Details can be seen with our eyes; while colors with varying degrees of light, can bring warmth and comfort to our soul.


            This website is dedicated to my husband & to my father; miss you both.

                      Love with a Capital L, Eternally

                                  Home is where the heart is.
                       April 12th 1951 - Jan 16th 2008